Friday, June 10, 2011

The Paper Trail

We've been in Italy a little over a week and in that time have acquired the pile of receipts shown in this picture.  The Guardia di Finanza, the taxing authority, requires that pretty much every transaction generate a receipt of some kind.  Some things apparently act as their own receipts, like bus tickets and cards you buy at the tabaccheria to add minutes to your cell phone.  But if you buy a cup of gelato, not only is the merchant required to hand you a paper receipt, you are required to show it in the unlikely event that an inspector makes your acquaintance while you're eating your cioccolato or frutti di bosco.

Our shopping methods are different here, with many more small purchases from specialty markets, so on a single shopping excursion we may end up with scontrini fiscale (receipts) from two or three fruit and vegetable sellers, another from the panificio (bread shop) and yet another from a wine shop.  The bancomat (ATM) also gives a receipt, but it seems to be known as a ricevuto fiscale.  

Can I recycle this pile now?



  1. I hope you're not required to keep that stuff for tax or other purposes.

  2. Only if I could figure out a way to make my gelato purchases tax deductible...

  3. finally succeeded in getting a comment to go through, not sure how, but list of followers have disappeared. regardless, love the blog!