Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Lights — Luci di Natale

The city of Rome reportedly spent €800,000 on Christmas decorations this year; plus another ten thousand to install a real tree when the mayor ordered the removal of a big, modern aluminum albero di natale (Christmas tree) in the center of Piazza Venezia just hours after it had gone up.

In the middle of Piazza Venezia, with the mayor's new tree.

Here are some pictures of Christmas lights from around the city, some on private stores and hotels, some on streets where there was clearly a corporate sponsor, and some of the city of Rome’s  serious installations.  There’s no separation of church and state issue in Italy, so religious and commercial themes are well mixed.

Lights mix with vines hanging above Trastevere's Via Lungaretta.
Trastevere shop window.

Piazza Repubblica 

Below, the Bernini fountain and hotel in Piazza Barberini

Views on the Via Veneto.  

The gelato is waiting, but so is the prosecco at this Via Veneto shop. 

On the high-style Via Condotti, the decorations come with a sponsor.

A few streets over, another car company sponsor.

Below are shots in various locales around the center of Rome's shopping area.

Hot roasted chestnuts (castagne) are sold on many corners.

The Fendi building with a golden belt.

One of the city's set pieces.  

The best lights are the ribbons that are both seasonal and patriotic
and which run the full length of the Via del Corso.

Angels line the ramp up to the Campidoglio.

Tanti auguri.



  1. Wow, never thought of Christmas in Rome, but I wish we were there-- beautiful!

  2. Awesome lights! That last one should be your Christmas card for next year. Let's have some hot chestnuts!!